Do's and don'ts for case acceptance: Make case presentation a priority

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Case acceptance plays a critical role in the success of a dental practice. If every other management protocol is performed properly, yet patients are not accepting proposed treatment, then a notable percentage of production will be lost. Doctors must understand that presenting a case requires more than explaining the diagnostic findings and subsequent recommendations. Patients rely on dentists as their expert oral health advisors. If the doctor doesn't present all potential treatment in an influential manner, patients will miss opportunities to improve their oral health or take advantage of elective services.


Establish an ideal treatment plan. Present all need-based dentistry first, followed by a review of possible elective treatment options. Some patients will accept only needed care, yet this will often include more than the most immediate needs. Other patients, now acquainted with the elective possibilities, are more likely to be interested in them after need-based dentistry has been completed.


Don't forget to encourage questions. Always allow patients to formulate and then ask questions. In some cases, this may mean an additional consult appointment. The extra time allows patients to think about the recommendations and any additional information they may need to make a decision.

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