Ask the Dentrix Expert: Locating the correct AR number

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Editor's note: This is the first in a yearlong series that is designed to help dentists and team members understand their practice management software better. Today, we are providing you with a tip from Dayna Johnson, a certified Dentrix trainer and founder of Later this month, we will have a question and answer from an Eaglesoft expert. We are also working on the same article format with other practice management software systems.

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Q: Where do I find my accounts receivable? The reason I am asking is because I see different numbers on different reports, and I don't know what is accurate.

Dayna Johnson.Dayna Johnson.

A: Great question. You are correct. There is a possibility you could be seeing different numbers depending on which report you are looking at and how you are filtering the report.

Here is some information that might be helpful:

  • Make sure you are always generating reports with equal parameters. The billing types, providers, and date ranges should match. Also, make sure you are generating your report on Entry Date or Procedure Date on all reports. Remember, some reports are dependent on the month-end process and some are not.
  • The Practice Advisor Report is the best report to show the accounts receivable because you can filter it by all the above parameters and also it does not care about the month-end process. It looks at the date of service to show the aging.
  • The Aging Report also is a great report to show your accounts receivable. However, it is dependent on month end, and this report can be very long because it lists all the patient names.
  • You will see the accounts receivable on the Practice Analysis snapshot on the Ending Balance line item in the MTD and YTD column. However, this does not filter by billing type or provider and is always calculated by Entry Date. This is also dependent on the month-end process.
  • The Provider A/R Totals Report also will show a beginning and ending balance. This report is also dependent on the month-end process and is always calculated by Entry Date.

Dayna Johnson is the founder of Rae Dental Management and Novonee, a Dentrix online community. She can be reached via email at

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