How a recovery acceleration plan can help your practice navigate the rest of 2020

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Let's face it: Our dental businesses have been turned upside down in many cases by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in life, it's not always about the action that happens to you, but rather the reaction you have to it.

That's been a big message of mine to my dental colleagues during these past few weeks. It's also the message being preached by Fortune Management and our latest guest on our Facebook Live series, Jonathan Miller.

In the video below, Jonathan details the recovery acceleration plan (RAP) that dental practices would do well to embrace. No, it has nothing to do with music -- rather, it has everything to do with an approach that can help dentists, team members, and practices hit the ground running when our practices are able to safely see a full patient schedule.

You can also watch plenty of other videos we have been compiling with industry leaders on everything from insurance to communication with patients and team members. We are constantly adding new videos to this site, thanks to our partners at CareCredit and Patterson Dental, as we continue to pick the brains of some of the most knowledgeable experts out there.

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