Unmasking the Phantom of the Operatory: Taking the fear out of offering complete dentistry

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As tragic as the coronavirus crisis has been, I believe it has created an excellent opportunity for all of us to rethink our relationship with complete dentistry.

Why do I feel this way? I know that more than 70% of dentists do not offer complete dentistry out of fear of overwhelming patients or losing them from sticker shock. It's essential to remind patients why it's so important now, with the threat of COVID-19, to eliminate all dental conditions that may aggravate preexisting medical conditions. That means offering complete dentistry to every patient.

During treatment presentations, I believe you should link complete dentistry and minimal return visits to safeguarding the patient's safety and comfort. I truly believe recommending complete care is now the new standard of care.

In light of massive unemployment, along with patients losing their dental benefit plans, I know many dentists will be tempted to retreat from offering complete care out of fear of rejection. That fear is the Phantom of the Operatory, in my opinion. That fear that keeps dentists and team members from doing what is best for their patients is a tough one to overcome, but it's more important now than ever to make sure complete care is what you are offering to every patient who comes into your practice.

These are just some of the thoughts I have on complete care and its value in today's dental practice. Let me share my thoughts and pieces of advice with you in the video below, and let's tackle the Phantom of the Operatory together.

The Phantom of the Operatory from Dr. Paul Homoly on Vimeo.

Paul Homoly, DDS, is a leading voice on the topics of case acceptance for complete dentistry, practice development, and leadership communications. He holds the highest earned designation in professional speaking from the National Speakers Association -- certified speaking professional (CSP) -- with fewer than 15% of professional speakers holding this designation. He is the first dentist worldwide to earn it.

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