5 habits to help you start training for happiness this weekend

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In a talk at TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor laid out a compelling explanation of why the conventional path to success will never lead you to happiness. We've been sold the wrong idea that success leads to happiness. However, it is happiness and positivity that lead us to achieve more.

How can you train for happiness? Try to inculcate a positive mindset in the present moment, rather than tying your happiness to a future "success" event such as a hitting a goal.

Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA.Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA.

Adopt the habits below to trigger the "happiness advantage."

1. Gratitude

Make a habit of reminding yourself daily about two or three things that you should be grateful for. Conscious and consistent gratitude will recalibrate your mind to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

2. Regular exercise

Hitting the gym a few times a week does a lot more than sculpting a pair of steely arms. It promotes discipline and helps us appreciate how our behavior has a direct impact on our happiness and success.

3. Meditation

Meditation helps us hit the reset button and refocuses our attention and energy on aspects that are truly important. It calms us down, helps us handle pressure, and brings about a measurable improvement in our ability to focus on the task at hand.

4. Maintain a journal

Writing your thoughts down can be incredibly therapeutic. You should strive to write about one positive experience every day. It will allow you to relive the moment, while also serving as a reassuring reminder of hope and that life isn't all that bad.

5. Practice kindness

Extending kindness to others is the core driver of overall well-being. A simple act of leaving a thank you note for someone has the potential to transform your perspective and theirs. Conscious kindness profoundly affects life satisfaction and our ability to manage stress.

Alex Nottingham is the CEO and founder of All-Star Dental Academy. Among his works, he has authored a book titled Dental Practice Excellence and an e-book for dental practices after the COVID-19 disruption titled Roadmap to Practice Recovery.

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