Dental Practice Made Simple: Setting production goals

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Dental Practice Made Simple is a new video series from and Levin Group. Tune in every Wednesday for a quick tip from Dr. Roger P. Levin to learn how to build high-powered, proven systems that lead to practice success.

One way to help you meet your practice performance goals is to set annual and daily production goals, Dr. Roger P. Levin noted in the second episode of Dental Practice Made Simple. By increasing your practice production, you are ultimately increasing your practice performance.

The first step to meeting your production goals is to set realistic growth goals for the year. For 2021, Levin recommends finding the average of your 2019 and 2020 revenue, then setting a growth goal of 15% to 18%.

Once you know your annual goal, you can set your daily production goal. Practices that meet their daily production goal 75% of the time often hit their annual goal, Levin said. Watch the video below to learn more.

Dr. Roger P. Levin is CEO of Levin Group, a leading practice management and marketing consulting firm. To contact him or to join the 40,000 dental professionals who receive his Practice Production Tip of the Day, visit or email

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