Dental Practice Made Simple: The children-only hygienist

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Dental Practice Made Simple is a video series from and Levin Group. Tune in every Wednesday for a quick tip from Dr. Roger P. Levin to learn how to build high-powered, proven systems that lead to practice success.

If you have a larger practice that sees enough children, it might be worth hiring a dedicated hygienist to perform cleanings specifically for kids, Levin said in the latest episode of Dental Practice Made Simple.

Children don't always need a full 60-minute hygiene appointment, he explained. Instead, many pediatric dental practices slot children into 20- or 30-minute appointments. A general practice that is large enough may be able to incorporate some of that productivity by having a part-time or full-time hygienist see two kids per hour.

"They're happy to see two kids in an hour," Levin said. "They don't view that as being overworked or exhausting or rushing or stressful. They like it. They like kids. They enjoy it."

In the video below, learn more about what type of practice might benefit from this type of specialized hygienist.

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