Do's and don'ts for customer service

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Excellent verbal skills are a key ingredient to the success of dental practices. Every practice system -- scheduling, customer service, and case presentation, to name a few -- depends on communication. The better you and your team communicate with patients, the more successful your practice is likely to be. For cosmetic and elective services, communication plays an even greater role in affecting patient perceptions.


Use scripts to create value. Scripting does more than inform (although that's also important). Effective scripts also build value for the practice, the doctor, and treatment. They motivate patients to accept treatment, adhere to office policies, and remain active in the practice.


Don't recite scripts word for word. Reading a memorized speech does not work. Rather, staff members should use their own words, paraphrasing the scripts so that essential information is communicated to the patient in a natural, positive way. Scripts should be used as a map, providing staff members direction and suggestions on the best ways to communicate with patients.

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