Do's and don'ts for employing experts

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Once dentists understand the importance of spending 98% of their time chairside, increasing production, they usually try to delegate as much as possible to staff members. However, one area where dentists should rely on others -- high-level decision-making -- poses more of a challenge.


Seek the advice of acknowledged experts. Some of the most important decisions practice owners must make are in areas they know little about. For the same reason that you spent many years learning to be a dentist, outside experts -- in real estate, law, financial planning, accounting, insurance and management -- know vastly more than you do in their specialized areas. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience when faced with major decisions in those areas. You and your practice will benefit enormously.


Don't be afraid that you will lose control. Some dentists hesitate to bring in experts because they think it means they are handing over control to others and that they are a less of a leader. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your experts will make recommendations, but you are still the ultimate decision-maker -- and a much better one at that.

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