Week in Review: Risky TikTok trend for teeth | Project to regenerate tooth pulp | Strategies to get paid

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A video touting the combination of balsamic vinegar and flavored sparkling water as a healthier alternative to soda has gone viral on social media platform TikTok. Our top story of the week shares why the recipe could be a disaster for tooth enamel.

While drinking balsamic vinegar doesn't sound appetizing to me, the video has received more than 6 million views. A spokesperson for the ADA expressed concern that frequently consuming such an acidic drink could put teeth at greater risk of erosion.

$3M project to regenerate tooth pulp

Researchers in New Jersey are developing a first-of-its-kind materials-based therapy that restores lost tooth pulp by triggering the body to regenerate it. The goal is to prevent damage to children's growing permanent teeth and instead help roots thicken and lengthen.

Dogs injected with the hydrogel formed soft tissue from the tooth apex to the crown in less than one month, according to researchers. The project is funded by a $3 million grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Increase your odds of getting paid

Until a truly regenerative material is available on the market, drilling and filling will be part of dental care -- and so, too, will be billing insurance for restorations. Coding expert Estela Vargas shared coding considerations for inlays, onlays, and three-quarter crowns and eight tips to increase your odds of getting paid.

If surging inflation has you wondering how else you can increase your practice's success, practice management expert Dr. Roger P. Levin shared five strategies to help your practice keep pace with or exceed inflation. The tips include increasing your practice's volume, improving staff speed, and raising your fees.

CAD/CAM dentistry webinar

Last but not least, I want to highlight a sponsored webinar from Glidewell happening next week that will focus on tips for simplifying the trickiest parts of CAD/CAM dentistry. Glidewell's Director of Clinical Technologies, Dr. Justin Chi, will break down the digital dentistry process live on Monday, June 27, at 4 pm Eastern time.

Make sure you register ahead of time so you don't miss the event. Even if you can't make it to the live event, the webinar will be recorded, so anyone who has registered can watch it at their convenience.

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