Do's and don'ts for improving the new patient experience

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Ensure that more new patients become loyal, long-term patients by creating a positive initial experience for them. Each aspect of the new patient experience should be planned and scripted for maximum effectiveness. Practices that exceed expectations during patient interactions will continue to grow and be successful.


Educate new patients about the practice. The more patients know about your practice, the easier it is to create confidence in the care they will receive. A good place to start is by talking about the doctor using a script that begins with "Let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Smith." The key is to have this information carefully scripted to show the dentist in the best possible light. Sharing this type of information with new patients will go a long way toward creating greater confidence in the practice.


Don't forget to reserve time for new patients. It is important to schedule 100% of new patients for appointments within seven days while their motivation is highest. To make this possible, set aside time for new patients in every day's schedule.

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