Do's and don'ts for new dentists

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An evolving dental economy requires new dentists to develop a greater knowledge of practice management and leadership skills. By understanding the importance of dental business operations, young dentists can get off to a good start as practice owners and quickly begin building successful careers.


Learn as much as you can about the business side of dentistry. Today, dentists must be both expert clinicians and capable CEOs. Fortunately, the opportunities for business education are numerous, including online classes, books, articles, seminars, and dental organizations. Young dentists who avail themselves of these opportunities will be in a better position to navigate a competitive dental landscape.


Don't go it alone. Dentists often have a do-it-yourself mentality, but learning the business by trial and error can be an expensive and frustrating proposition. New doctors should turn to experts, such as accountants, financial planners, lawyers, and management consultants, at the appropriate times. Just as dentists spend years learning dentistry, outside experts have done the same in their fields.

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