Dentist, 'Hoosiers' actor criminally charged

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A dentist in Indiana, who is known for his role as a basketball player in the 1986 sports film "Hoosiers," has been accused of locking a female employee in an office and inappropriately touching her, according to news reports published on April 8.

Dr. Steven Hollar.Dr. Steven Hollar.

Dr. Steven Hollar, 57, of Hollar Dental Group in Warsaw, IN, faces two felony charges of criminal confinement and two misdemeanor charges of battery that were filed on April 8. Hollar is well known in the community for playing the role of Rade Butcher opposite Gene Hackman's coach Norman Dale in the movie.

In April 2023, police began investigating a claim from a former employee at the dental practice. In January 2023, she began working as a front desk employee but became a dental assistant in February 2023.

In March 2023, the woman alleged that Hollar asked her invasive questions about her father and her child's father during her annual performance review. The dentist reportedly gave her positive and negative comments about her performance, told her to try on scrubs in front of him, and discussed her not wearing a bra underneath a jacket he provided to her. Also, he purportedly offered to pay for her radiology courses, told her he was going to enroll her in the courses, and gave her a $2 raise, according to stories.

During the review, Hollar allegedly told her that he didn't expect her to change in the room and that she should have gone to the bathroom to change. Then, she claimed he laughed, she apologized, he assured her that everything was fine, and hugged her. Then he reportedly said, “Let's keep this between us." She said he made her feel like she did something wrong, according to reports.

When she arrived home, Hollar allegedly called her, asked if she was alone, and explained that he was giving her flexible hours, allowing her to come in 30 minutes later if it made life easier for her and her child. Additionally, he reportedly sent her a text message asking if she liked the jacket that he had given to her and if she tried it on at home.

In another incident around this time frame, Hollar purportedly told the woman to go to an upstairs office and sit in a dental chair so he could demonstrate how to properly assist a disabled person in getting in and out of a dental chair. During the demonstration, Hollar allegedly grabbed the employee's breasts on the outside of her clothing and then joked about it, according to the stories.

In April 2023, Hollar reportedly called the woman to a downstairs office to discuss an employee who was experiencing trouble ordering scrubs. After he purportedly locked the office door, she claimed he told her to put on a pair of scrubs that she knew wouldn't fit her in front of him. When another employee could be heard down the hall from the office, Hollar allegedly told the woman to stay quiet so that no one would hear her.

During this incident, Hollar purportedly instructed the woman to try different pairs of scrubs on that he knew wouldn't fit her. While she was turned away from the dentist, Hollar allegedly unhooked her bra from behind and grabbed her breasts. She claimed that Hollar said his behavior was "against code," she agreed, and he laughed. She claimed that she attempted to get dressed and leave. At this time, Hollar reportedly requested to see her Caesarean section scar, then allegedly reached forward, moved her scrub pants, and grabbed her underwear to see the scar, according to stories.

The employee kept trying to leave the office, but the dentist continued to try and get her to stay. Eventually, he left the office and went to the storage room to chat with another employee. The woman claimed that two other employees saw her leave the office, according to reports.

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