Do’s and don’ts for production

Practices that achieve success are always considering their production. Taking an active role in practice production may be last on your list in your busy office; however, it is crucial to your future.

Practice Success Do

Increase doctor production time. Based on our observation over more than three decades as a consulting firm, almost every practice can save 10 minutes per hour of doctor time. This simple time savings can result in an extra two months per year of doctor production time or six extra years of doctor production time in a 36-year career. Using extreme delegation (where doctors evaluate which activities can be delegated and performed by staff with the proper training) available chair time can be increased by 10 minutes per hour. One of the most powerful ways to increase practice production is to take advantage of delegation.

Practice Success Dont

Don’t forget to train your team. To what level is your current team trained right now? The best approach to establishing a high-performing team operating at the highest level is to implement the best business systems with documentation and measurements and train the team to follow the systems. With effective training, production increase can be as much as 20% in 12 to 18 months.

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