Do’s and don’ts for managing employee conflict

Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Dr. Roger P. Levin.

In a perfect practice, everyone would get along. But in the real world, employees get on each other’s nerves, butt heads over seemingly trivial issues, argue about procedures, etc. People aren’t always going to agree, and that’s to be expected, but you don’t want a minor squabble turning into a major feud. As the practice owner, you need to be aware of what’s going on -- the good and the bad -- with your team.

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Intervene when appropriate. While you don’t want to be a “helicopter” dentist hovering over every team discussion, you should intervene if two team members are engaged in a major conflict or soon-to-be major conflict. These types of disputes rarely resolve themselves. In fact, they usually get worse. 

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Don’t let it fester. Most dentists prefer to avoid confrontation. But as the practice owner, you don’t have that luxury. If there’s a major conflict between staff members, you can’t ignore it. Gather the facts, talk to each employee separately, speak with other team members about the incident/s, devise an equitable solution, and then continue to monitor the situation. Communicate to the employees that if they don’t abide by the solution, progressive disciplinary measures will be instituted.

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