Do’s and don’ts for leadership

One of the most powerful things a practice leader can do is to ensure that each team member completely understands that their job, at its core, is a series of tasks and actions that need to be accomplished daily, weekly, or monthly. Team members who think of their job in this way can start to think about how to improve performance, eliminate waste, and enhance efficiency.

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Ask each team member to make a daily checklist of standard responsibilities. Once you establish the major activities within each job position, those activities can receive their own checklist on how they should be accomplished. This may seem like demanding work, but if you do it gradually and work with team members to ask questions, identify opportunities, and eliminate unnecessary steps, your office will transform into one with much higher efficiency very quickly.

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Don’t forget to consider efficiency. Ultimately, practice management is about efficiency. How can you do things faster and better, lower overhead, eliminate unnecessary costs, and improve customer service? These are all excellent things to consider that will allow any practice to reach higher levels of success. 

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