Site offers dental health quizzes

These days there's a quiz for everything. Is your boyfriend marriage material? Do you have what it takes to be a CEO? Now dentistry ventures into this realm. Principal Dental Health Edge is a web site that offers four short, free quizzes to determine your dental health.

By answering a few simple questions, you can find out if you are a low, moderate, or high risk patient for tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. There is even a quiz specifically designed to asses your child's oral health.

"The assessments provide a report based on individual answers, which translates to an immediate and clear picture of dental health risks," said Theresa McConeghey, dental product director for The Principal,in a press release. "We want to give our customers every opportunity to learn about health risks early on to prevent more serious conditions."

Along with the risk assessment, the site also offers moderate and high risk patients simple tips to improve their oral health.

Principal Dental Health Edge also features useful information on procedures, treatment plans, network providers, etc. and offers tools like the cost estimator, which calculates a range of dental costs in a given ZIP code.

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