Embracing the future of dentistry: The top 4 marketing trends for 2024

Jeff Gladnick
Jeff Gladnick.

The world of dentistry is ever-evolving, and innovative technologies are transforming patient care and practice management. Here are four trends shaping the future of dentistry to help you attract new patients, build stronger relationships, and ensure your practice thrives.

1. AI-powered dentistry: Your smart dental assistant

Imagine x-ray analysis tools that detect cavities earlier, chatbots answering patient questions 24/7, or personalized treatment plans crafted by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Behind these capabilities is the power of AI, which many dentists already use. Companies like Pearl and VideaHealth are leading the way in making AI-powered technology accessible for practical use. 

Think of dental AI as a sophisticated assistant, not a replacement for your or your staff’s expertise and experience. It's all about leveraging machine learning and intelligent tools to enhance diagnosis, personalize care, and streamline operations to make your staff even more productive. The result is a patient-focused experience, better outcomes, and more time for you to focus on what you do best. 

2. Teledentistry: Breaking down barriers with virtual care 

During COVID, everyone got comfortable with the idea of Zoom calls and video interactions with friends, loved ones, and business associates. Offering teledentistry is a logical next step that won’t replace in-person consultations, but it can help expand patient access.

Consider the benefits of building deeper relationships and strengthening patient loyalty through proactive outreach and ongoing engagement. These engagements might include virtual consultations, postoperative check-ins, and convenient consultations for minor concerns. Virtual consultations can even widen your patient base by easing anxiety for dental phobics or catering to those with busy schedules.

3. Patient-centric content: Building trust through information 

In 2024, empowering your patients through informative blog posts, engaging videos, and even interactive oral health quizzes is vital. By catering content to their specific needs and concerns, you build trust and establish your practice as a reliable source of information.

AI-powered content generators like Chat GPT and Copy.ai can assist in these efforts by producing personalized blog posts, social media captions, and email newsletters based on your patient demographics and interests. These tools can even provide valuable data used to measure content performance and improve future strategies.

However, you shouldn’t consider AI content a substitute for human-generated content or input, as it may contain outdated, false, or partially correct content. Instead, think of it as a smart writing assistant to spark ideas and creativity, then carefully vet the information to ensure it is accurate and medically sound.

4. Video marketing: Showcasing your expertise and personality 

In a world dominated by visual content, video marketing is crucial; this isn’t new, but consumer behavior is. Now more than ever, people consume microvideos on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Give your website a leg up by adding regular video updates to attract users and help boost Google rankings with fresh, engaging content.

Using AI-powered video editors like Filmora and Veed.io allows you to automatically generate short, informative videos from dental footage and voiceovers. These tools enable you to share your expertise without spending hours editing footage. 

Consider showcasing your practice's welcoming environment, introducing your team, or demonstrating dental procedures through short, informative videos. This transparency fosters trust, engages potential patients, and allows you to stand out from the competition.

Prefer leaving the heavy lifting to professionals? Consider partnering with a dental marketing firm that specializes in creating high-quality, impactful, patient-centric content, managing social media channels, and running targeted ad campaigns. Now, you can focus on your core skills while benefiting from professional marketing expertise.

These four trends represent the cutting edge of dental marketing in 2024. By incorporating them into your strategy, you can attract new patients, build stronger relationships with existing ones, and ensure your practice thrives in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Although Jeff Gladnick comes from a family of seven dentists, he never received “the calling” and instead became a software engineer. After creating a website for his dad’s clinic, he was approached by other members of his family to create their websites and eventually founded Great Dental Websites. What started as a family project has evolved into the company it is today, serving more than 900 practices worldwide.

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