What this expert wants the dental industry to know about social media in 2024

Dean Browell
Dean Browell.

As part of the "Future of Dentistry" podcast series, powered by Keystone Industries, I spent some time with Dean Browell at the recent Dental Trade Alliance annual meeting. Browell leads Feedback’s research as its resident PhD with a passion for how generations interact online. A co-author of the book, "Don't You Forget About Gen X," Browell teaches social media research at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Business and is a co-founder of the cultural education project Hidden in Plain Site.

During our chat, Browell and I discussed some of the key trends that he believes will impact dental practices in 2024 as they work to interact in a deeper way with their patients. Is there truly a generational gap when it comes to social media? Is the next generation of dental patients really on Instagram and TikTok more than Facebook? These are some of the questions we covered during our conversation.

I also asked Browell about the one trend when it comes to social media that he is really watching as the new year dawns. What will 2024 hold for social media and our usage of it? He shares his thoughts on this and more in our podcast chat.

This interview is part of the "Future of Dentistry" podcast series, which is powered by Keystone Industries. You can hear the entire podcast, which lasts just over 11 minutes, by clicking below.

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