Healthy Grid releases patient Web tool

Healthy Grid recently announced the release of its Patient Generator Application tool to help dentists streamline lead generation and communication with potential patients.

Patient Generator Application is a widget that dentists can embed on any of their Web assets. The tool is designed to be fully responsive and work on all mobile devices. The code can be placed to appear on social media pages, a website, and even on a Dental Optimizer profile, appearing on a practice's page as a small square on the side. It can also be embedded into the page for a more continuous look.

The tool asks patients for basic information, then prompts them to answer some health profile questions. Patients are not required to provide information, but if a patient takes the time to fill out the assessment, then the dentist receives that additional information when the patient submits an email for an appointment.

Practices can also customize which applications they want to include, such as gum disease and cavity risk assessments. In both cases, information is forwarded to the sponsoring dentist's email, and staff can contact the patient to make an appointment. Also included are a cost calculator, dental directory, and a drug directory, which each leading to a prompt to contact the dentist's office for an appointment.

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