ADA launches single sign-on for websites

The ADA has launched a new single sign-on (SSO) process for its websites.

This allows all ADA users -- ADA members, catalog customers, ADA staff, ADA dental society staff, and the general public -- to log in once and access all ADA websites without having to log in multiple times, according to the association.

The new SSO process includes the following:

  • ADA members will be able to choose their own login IDs using their ADA member number or unique email address.
  • MBRXXX-IDs will remain for dental societies. There is no change on how dental society staff log in to restricted online content. However, dental society staff members who are also ADA members will have the option to log in using their member number or a unique email address.

The new process is part of a redesign of the new ADA websites, scheduled to launch this spring. For more information, members and staff should contact the ADA member service center at [email protected].

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