Dos and don'ts for marketing: Embracing social media

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Social media provides excellent opportunities for sharing news about the practice, giving valuable advice about oral health, building relationships, raising brand awareness, and much more. Establish your practice's presence as soon as you can.


Participate in social media on an ongoing basis. This is no guarantee that anybody will actually care that the practice now uses social media. Remember that social media requires a time commitment. You can't just post items occasionally and believe the job is done. Accounts must be monitored consistently in order to respond to requests or head off any negative comments.


Don't ignore social media. The internal marketing coordinator should regularly monitor the practice's social media presence. If an unfavorable mention of the practice appears, a low-key, tactful response often works, such as "We are sorry that you had a negative experience. We strive every day to meet or exceed the needs of all patients. We take patient care and satisfaction extremely seriously."

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