Survey finds U.S. monthly dental premiums vary widely

The average monthly dental insurance premium was $31.81 for adults buying standalone dental coverage on government exchanges in the U.S., but premiums differed widely among states, according to a survey by the website

The state with the lowest average dental premium was West Virginia at $23.70, while Alaska's average dental premium was $63.61. Alaska is a low-population state with a small collection of dental plan options, HealthPocket noted. Wisconsin, the state with second highest average premium, was more than 35% less at $41.11.

"Benefits are not standardized in dental insurance plans for adults," said Jesse Geneson, a data researcher at HealthPocket. "Without benefit standardization, consumers need to consider benefits just as much as premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and dentist coverage." is a free website that compares and ranks all health insurance plans available to an individual, family, or small business.

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