Dos and don'ts for marketing: Attract new patients with your website

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Most dental practices have websites now, but many of them fail to take advantage of their potential for attracting new patients. Two types of visitors will come to your site: those who've heard about your practice somehow (from friends, review services, local media, signage, etc.), and those who found your site through an online search. Either way, the impression your website creates will probably make the difference between receiving a call for an appointment and never hearing from a prospective patient.


Project an engaging image. Why should someone come to your practice instead of some other office? Your website should provide the best answer to that question. Translate your mission into a "brand" that sets your practice apart. Then, using professional creative services, bring your brand to life in words and pictures. Provide convincing selling points -- more consumer-friendly than clinical -- and show your office and staff in their best light.


Don't create a "me too" website. Dentists who feel uncertain about how to present their practice online take the easy way out ... they imitate other practice websites. Avoid this trap. The purpose is to stand out, not blend in.

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