Do's and don'ts for updating your practice website

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Many people will judge your practice -- at least initially -- by your website. If it looks unsophisticated, functions poorly, or contains obviously outdated information, it will create a bad impression and may turn away referrals and prospective patients. Hire a professional to upgrade your website's appearance and functionality, and designate someone in the practice to keep updating and adding new content.


Protect your practice's website from hackers. Cybercriminals can steal sensitive patient information -- names, addresses, and perhaps even Social Security numbers and financial data -- from your website. They may also access correspondence and treatment details you exchange with other practices. Prevent these criminal activities by upgrading your online security.


Don't forget to review your website periodically. Does your website accurately reflect your practice's services, financial policies, hours of operation, etc.? Has the practice added new technology? Is the doctor's bio up-to-date? Are recent patient reviews and testimonials posted on the site? Your practice is constantly changing. Make sure your current website is accurate and up-to-date.

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