Work suffers when employee well-being dips

Burnout Man Dentist

In 2023, employers in the U.K. experienced a loss of nearly 50 productive workdays per employee due to poor physical and mental health, according to a new survey from private insurance provider Vitality.

However, age and lifestyle factors played a significant role in the number of lost workdays, according to the results of Britian’s Healthiest Workplace survey.

As dentistry continues to face workforce shortages, clinicians may want to ensure they maintain workplace environments that prevent burnout and distress.

To evaluate the health and well-being of employees across the U.K., about 5,000 employees at 59 workplaces were polled.

Compared to the average number of about 44 lost days of work, younger adults missed the most work. Those between the ages of 18 and 25 lost approximately 61 days due to their physical and psychological health. Despite being more physically active, these younger workers exhibited higher levels of mental illness, with nearly 1 in 5 (18%) reporting depression. In contrast, among the 61-65 age group, only about 3% reported experiencing depression, according to the results.

Furthermore, younger workers were more likely to report significant financial worries and be dissatisfied with their employment. Compared to older colleagues, employees under the age of 35 lost 48% more productivity time due to missing days of work and from not functioning at optimal levels when they were working.

However, those who work hybrid schedules seem to be living their best lives. Besides having the smallest loss of productive days, hybrid workers reported higher physical activity levels, lower obesity rates, and better sleep quality. Also, they exhibited improved mental health and were less prone to burnout and depression than those who worked full time at home or in a workplace, according to the results.

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