Week in review: Assistant sues over autoclave accident | Delta Dental mistakes | FTC ruling fallout

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It's been a news-filled week for dental insurance companies -- and it hasn't always been the most positive kind of news.

Delta Dental of California experienced a system error that resulted in the insurer mistakenly processing and paying for patients' crown procedures -- and it's causing headaches. Read about the problems, along with some thoughts on the impact of this error, from dental insurance expert Teresa Duncan.

The news wasn't much better in a neighboring state, where Delta Dental of Arizona admitted it had been the subject of a phishing attack and warned an undisclosed number of its members that their personal and medical data may have been breached.

In Texas, a dental assistant is suing a dental surgery practice where she worked, as well as the practice's owners and a manufacturer, after equipment that sterilizes dental instruments exploded, leaving her with serious burns, hearing loss, and a lost pregnancy. It's a tragic story, and you can read all about what happened and what's next.

In industry news, Benco announced that it won't appeal the recent U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling that made big news. Meanwhile, Patterson announced that it had reached a settlement with the FTC.

How about this for a profitable discovery? While using metal detectors, two people found false teeth crafted of hippo or walrus ivory set in gold in a field in the U.K. The teeth are thought to be from the early 1800s and will be up for auction later this month. The teeth are valued at about $9,000 and you can see them and read the story behind them here.

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