Remedent, SensAble partner on lower-cost veneers

As part of a new a multiyear, multimillion dollar OEM agreement with the Belgian company Remedent, SensAble Technologies of Woburn, MA, will provide Remedent with a customized version of its 3D modeling system for use in designing Remedent's GlamSmile dental veneers. By adding SensAble's 3D modeling technology, GlamSmile-certified dental labs worldwide will be able to produce veneers in less time and at lower cost, according to a company press release.

First introduced into the U.S. market in October 2007, the GlamSmile system uses a proprietary tray delivery system that lets practitioners seat 10 ultrathin, custom veneers at one time in less than an hour. Starting in July 2008, GlamSmile production centers will incorporate SensAble's 3D digital modeling system to replace the creation of hand-crafted wax models required in the current GlamSmile process.

With SensAble's solution, GlamSmile technicians experience force feedback from the haptic device so they literally "feel" the veneers that they are sculpting while viewing them on a computer screen, according to the companies. Working by feel lets dental lab technicians work faster and more intuitively to produce veneers with exceptional thinness, fit to the patient's existing tooth structure, and with consistent quality.

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