Color taught more at postdoc level

More hours are dedicated to the teaching of color at the postdoctoral level compared to predoctoral, according to a new study (Journal of Dentistry, July 3, 2010).

Researchers from the University of Texas wanted to determine the current status of the teaching of color in dental education at both the predoctoral and postdoctoral levels.

They looked at the results from a total of 130 responses to a cross-sectional Web-based survey on the topic distributed to dental faculty involved in the teaching of color to predoctoral or postdoctoral dental students. The results included 70 responses from North America, 40 from Europe, 10 from South America, nine from Asia, and one from Africa.

Among the study's findings:

  • A course on "color" or "color in dentistry" was included in the dental curriculum of 80% of predoctoral programs and 82% of postdoctoral programs.
  • The number of hours dedicated to color-related topics was lower for predoctoral than for postdoctoral programs.
  • Topics associated with tooth color, shade matching method, tooth whitening, and teaching of appearance parameters other than color were frequently taught.
  • Vitapan Classical and 3D-Master (Vident) were the most frequently taught shade guides.

"Significant differences were recorded between the number of hours dedicated to teaching of color at predoctoral and postdoctoral levels," the authors concluded. "The same is true for the prosthodontics and restorative courses, teaching on negative after images, color rendering index, Bleachedguide 3D-Master shade guide, digital camera and lens selection, composite resins, and maxillofacial prosthetic materials."

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