Teeth-whitening kiosks not OK in OK

Several teeth-whitening kiosks in Oklahoma have been voluntarily shut down by their owners, following an investigation by NBC affiliate KJRH-TV in Tulsa.

In recent months, five such kiosks have opened in malls in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, according to KJRH-TV. When the station ran a story showing workers from the iSmile and Glamour White companies in white lab coats providing customers with medical release forms and whitening gels with instructions on how to perform the procedure themselves, the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry revealed that the kiosk workers were not registered as licensed dental professionals.

The board then filed an injunction to have three of the Glamour White locations closed and said that if the others don't close their doors "soon," the owners could be charged with a felony, according to KJRH-TV.

Glamour White has since shut down all of its Oklahoma kiosks. The iSmile facility in Tulsa remains open, but employees no longer wear lab coats, according to KJRH-TV.

The board will meet again on August 1 to discuss iSmile. In addition, effective November 1, a new state law states that anyone found to be illegally practicing dentistry in Oklahoma will be guilty of a felony, the station reported.

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