Dental reality show headed to TV

A new dental reality show, "Smile & Style," is in the planning stages, and a casting call is out for participants who will receive free comprehensive dental care, including implants and full-mouth rehabilitation.

The show will be filmed in New York, and producers are particularly looking for "those whose lives have been altered by the condition of their teeth by avoiding social situations, altering diet, have pain, cannot progress within their career, or change their daily routine due to the condition of their teeth," according to a casting call.

Potential patients must be men or women 35 years and older of all ethnicities "who have had unfortunate dental and/or medical-related issues that have led to severe destruction of their teeth," according to the casting call. If chosen, free dental treatment may include dental implants, fixed bridgework, dentures (attached to implants), full-mouth rehabilitation, and cosmetic dental treatment.

The docudrama is devoted to improving the dental health and boosting the self-esteem of individuals who have had "traumatic personal experiences that have negatively affected their teeth or they cannot afford needed dental work."

The show will feature Manhattan dentists Michael Gulizio, D.M.D., M.S., and Steven Cordoves, D.D.S., who "charm with their skill, compassion, and dedication," according to a press release.

"We will take you on a journey filled with fears, tears, laughter, and smiles," the press release stated. "See how one woman reclaims her inner beauty and watch as her style comes alive once her smile is revived."

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