D4D releases two new CAD/CAM systems

D4D Technologies this week introduced two new systems designed to allow clinicians and lab technicians to cooperate more closely and give lab technicians more design tools when using its E4D CAD/CAM digital impressions scanner and mill.

Collaborative system

E4D Studio consists of an integrated design center computer, DentaLogic software, keyboard, wireless mouse, and 3-D navigation E4D Skyball. It is designed to give E4D operators the option to send digital impressions to a separate design station. While one operator scans chairside or in the lab, another operator or technician can finish designing the case, allowing more procedures to be completed simultaneously.

The proprietary transfer of data to a remote workstation allows nonstop scanning between patients at the dental office or cases in the laboratory, which the company said can make dental offices and laboratories more productive.

“By utilizing the E4D Dentist cart mainly for scanning, the rest of the design process can then be completed on E4D Studio, allowing the operator to immediately scan on the next patient,” said Justin Chi, clinical educator at E4D University, in a press release. “And in the lab, technicians have an easy-to-use digital solution to increase their overall level of productivity by using the E4D Labworks system for scanning, in conjunction with E4D Studio to complete the design.”

Laboratory modeling system

The new E4D Labworks CAD CAM laboratory system, along with DentaLogic software and Autogenesis anatomical libraries, is a comprehensive restorative system that presents a 3D virtual model taking the occlusal effect of the opposing and adjacent dentition into consideration.

It has the ability to design up to 16 full anatomically contoured teeth at the same time, according to a company press release.

It captures a complex restorative situation and transforms and displays it in an intuitive format that dental technicians can customize before sending to the automated millingunit. The E4D Labworks Clone software can replicate pre-existing dentition, temporary restorations, and diagnostic wax-ups with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

The E4D Studio and E4D Labworks are available exclusively through Henry Schein/Zahn Dental.

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