The top reason you need a scanner now isn't what you think

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Whether you're a Primescan fan or a 3Shape enthusiast, or you love your iTero, scanning and restorative dentistry isn't just where we are going. It's where we are.

David Rice, DDS.David Rice, DDS.

Is that new news? Not at all. From single crowns to sleep apnea devices, the digital impression has far too many strengths to deny. But you already know that, right?

So let's take scanners to a new level. Let's talk about the top reason you need a scanner and the biggest reason it will drive your growth and success -- self-assessment!

In this social media-driven affirmation world, the most critical element to our success today is information. Information in this context is something that allows us to visualize our strengths, as well as our opportunities to improve. And when I say "our," I mean dentist and team.

Let's explore the real reasons why self-assessment will define your dental practice success:

Total team feedback

When you and I leave the dental world and examine how the best businesses at large grow, 360 feedback is a big part of the conversation. By definition, that feedback is an equal measurement of every member of the team, by the team, leaders included.

Think about this single, short video above as an assessment tool. What can we measure?

  • Preparation design
  • Preparation shade
  • Impact of that shade on material choice
  • Occlusion
  • Clearance
  • Impact of both of those on material choice
  • Margin clarity
  • Tissue health
  • Tissue symmetry
  • Isolation
  • Retraction

Now think about this. The most successful businesses in the world do two things very differently than most:

  • First, with the entire team self-assessing, the leaders empower their teams to define their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Second, as leaders with newfound knowledge, they redelegate tasks based on strengths.

Why will this totally transform your restorative and practice growth?

Gallup, one of the leading long-term research companies in the world, determined that strength-based team development leads to the following:

  • A 10% to 19% increase in sales
  • A 14% to 29% increase in profits
  • A 3% to 7% increase in customer engagement

So, whether you're a Primescan fan or a 3Shape enthusiast, or you love your iTero, scanning and restorative dentistry isn't just about delivering optimum patient care. When we use it to build a system for self-assessment, it can become your fast-track ticket to practice growth and success.

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