3Shape files patent complaint against Carestream Dental

2019 10 18 17 04 1697 Lawsuit 400

3Shape has filed a complaint claiming patent infringement by Carestream Dental over the use of certain Carestream intraoral scanners.

3Shape filed the complaint on January 6 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. The complaint seeks monetary damages as well as injunctive relief, according to 3Shape.

In the complaint, 3Shape asserts that Carestream intraoral scanners -- namely, its CS 3700 and CS 3800 models -- infringe a 3Shape patent relating to tooth color shade measurement. It also claims that CS 3800 additionally infringes 3Shape patents covering wireless scanning technology.

The patents in question are 3Shape U.S. Patent Nos. RE48,221; 10,695,151; and 11,076,146.

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