Dentists caught dirty-handed; amalgam separator debate heats up

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

As a mom, I'm constantly reminding my 11-year-old to wash his hands and brush his teeth. Should I start reminding my dentist, too?

A study published in the July issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association finds that many dentists do not wash their hands frequently enough, and even more do not use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as recommended. Find out how well you're complying with government hand-washing policies here.

Other government agencies are more concerned with mercury in our wastewater than hand hygiene. In hearings on Capitol Hill last week, the ADA and members of Congress faced off over the environmental impact of mercury, with some individuals testifying that the ADA and other dental associations are purposely blocking attempts to make amalgam separators mandatory for all dental offices.

The ADA maintains that dentists are already doing their part to protect the environment from mercury, and that the cost of installing an amalgam separator can be burdensome. For more on the debate, click here.

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