Dos and don'ts for building patient trust

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Patient trust leads to higher case acceptance

A major factor in determining case acceptance is a patient's trust in your practice. Building patient trust can be achieved a number of ways. I recommend the following steps for immediate results ...

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Educate patients. By educating patients on proper at-home care and preventive procedures, you show them that you care about their overall oral health. Give patients guidelines as to how to best care for their teeth. Provide them with new information on any helpful at-home tools. Include brochures in your reception area or Q & A's on your Web site to serve as helpful resources. Patients will use this information and appreciate your practice for it.

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Don't send mixed messages. Patients can get confused and lose trust in a practice when they receive conflicting information from team members. Educate your entire staff about dental procedures and policies so they all convey consistent messages. Ensure that team members understand the benefits of treatment and are prepared to communicate those benefits to inquiring patients. Most important, make sure staff members are prepared to reinforce your recommendations to patients.

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