Dos and don'ts for practice websites

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Keeping up with the times online

People expect a lot from a website -- not the least of which being that it will be frequently updated. No longer can you simply upload a little basic information to a website and forget about it. Business website design grows increasingly intricate as each year passes.

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Build an exciting website. An amateurish or overly simplistic website won't compel visitors to stay very long or come back later. A website that isn't interactive does not live up to user expectations. What worked for a website in the past does not work today. Now, people want more dynamic websites. Work with professionals to design and maintain an excellent website. Update it frequently to keep it fresh. What good is a website if people don't get a sense of value when they visit?

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Don't overlook security. Regardless of how complex or simple your website, cybercriminals can potentially steal sensitive patient information such as names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and perhaps even financial information. A hacker might also be able to access correspondence and treatment information that is going back and forth to other practices. This activity is easily stopped through good online security.

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