Do's and don'ts for increasing production: Promote cosmetic dentistry

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Spring and summer are great times to promote cosmetic dentistry. Most people will be attending graduations, weddings, reunions, and family gatherings. They want to look their best, especially if it's an important event.


Offer a whitening discount. Whitening is the starter service for more involved cosmetic procedures. By holding a whitening "sale," you can persuade many patients who are on the fence to move forward with treatment. If patients like the results from whitening, some of them will consider choosing higher-end aesthetic treatment.


Don't forget your team. It's hard to promote cosmetic services if your team doesn't have bright, white smiles. A good strategy is to provide whitening at no charge to your team. Depending on the needs of your team, you may want to offer them higher-end aesthetic procedures at no charge or a greatly reduced price. After all, your team should be a walking billboard for your cosmetic skills.

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