ADA's new budget: No dues increase

The ADA House of Delegates approved a 2014 operating budget of $124 million in expenses and $122 million in anticipated revenues -- but did not seek a dues increase -- during the final meeting of the group's annual gathering in New Orleans.

Additional nondues revenues are predicted in 2014, which are expected to create a positive net by year's end, according to the ADA.

The ADA's Board of Trustees anticipates positive gains in revenues from strong investment performance and royalties from ADA business enterprises and member insurance programs.

The delegates approved $269,000 in expenses over the board's submitted budget proposal. National dues will remain at $522 annually in 2014.

Charles H. Norman, DDS, who was installed as ADA president during the meeting, said he was heartened by the group's spending restraints while continuing its ability to deliver relevant and valuable services to members.

The organization's reserves are 46.78% of its operating budget. The ADA set up a capital reserve fund this year, which it says will lower the likelihood of a special dues assessment for future capital expenditures.

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