10 ways to annoy your team

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It's National Annoy Your Team Day!

OK -- it's really not. We just made that up. But since there are so many crazy official sounding days and months, it's not that farfetched.

And just in case there ever is such a day, here are 10 great ways to annoy your team.

1. Be a cheapskate

Skimp on everything. Get subpar dental supplies, cheap pens, and don't ever give raises or bonuses. For some extra points, constantly complain about how tough you have it as you climb into your brand new Tesla for the weekend at your home in the Hamptons.

2. Tolerate an insubordinate team member

Richard H. Madow, DDS, and David M. Madow, DDS.Richard H. Madow, DDS, and David M. Madow, DDS.

If everyone in the office is giving it their all except for one whining prima donna, you have a golden opportunity to piss off your team! Make sure that they continue to get away with murder and be treated the same as those who are conscientious and care. It's not like you're in charge or anything. You just work here. And your name is on the front door -- and the business cards -- and all the marketing.

3. Criticize your staff in front of other team members

Make sure a patient is within earshot for extra fun. This is sure to undermine your team members' confidence -- in themselves and in you.

4. Show favoritism

Make this obvious, especially in team meetings. This is sure to go over really well, both with the teacher's pet and the rest of the staff. Include an after-hours fling if you want to set the bar really high.

5. Have a dental spouse in the office who acts like a dental spouse

Make sure your staff is forced to take their fur coat to the dry cleaner in addition to all that other boring dental stuff they do all day.

6. Take lots of great continuing education courses but don't include the team

Come back from that fabulous dental seminar you attended in Las Vegas with lots of stories about how much fun you had and how much you learned.

7. Never be wrong

And, in the unlikely event that you are wrong, keep arguing your point anyway. You're the boss, so nobody else is allowed to win.

8. Don't have team meetings -- have bitch sessions

Be super specific with lots of name calling, finger pointing, and concrete examples of who screwed up what.

9. Expect team members to be mind readers

And be sure to reprimand them for not doing all the things you wanted them to do but never actually said out loud.

10. Shut down and refuse to communicate

Complain that you're unhappy, but don't discuss the issue and possible solution with anyone. Just pout. Slamming the door to your private office before pouting sets the stage even better.

That should do it! And remember -- the more you do, the more pissed your team will be! So take this to heart, and be sure to enjoy National Annoy Your Team Day!

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