Are you a dental superstar?

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The days of dental people being introverted nerds who scared people and took their money are fortunately long over.

These days, we are friendly, devoted health professionals with upbeat attitudes who change people's smiles and improve their health. But how do we let people know? You have to be a dental superstar!

What do the real rock stars do? They test limits. They do the unexpected. They get noticed. So do the dental superstars. But how do you become one?

Richard H. Madow, DDS, and David M. Madow, DDS.Richard H. Madow, DDS, and David M. Madow, DDS.

Dental superstars are media-savvy

Local TV stations and newspapers are always looking for interesting stories. Be the one to get them excited about dental health! Write blogs, volunteer to be interviewed by the local rag sheet, and the list goes on.

Dental superstars are known in the community

Rock stars are known to everyone. They get out there. It's why everyone has heard of Justin Bieber and fantastic bands like Dawes languish in obscurity.

So get out there. Have the whole team wear their sharp-looking uniforms in public. Do community events. Sponsor a team. Help out during drives. Have a huge sign. Do whatever it takes so that people consider your practice to be "the" dental office in your community.

Dental superstars change with the times

You can't be a dental superstar and be doing only "cleanings, crowns, and fillings" just like you were 20 years ago. People want a variety of sophisticated procedures, and they want them from you. Sedation, implants, Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, laser periodontal therapy -- it's all within your reach.

Dental superstars are accessible

Everyone wants a picture with a rock star. Dental superstars do the next best thing. Make sure that everyone you come in contact with gets one of your business cards. This goes for doctors and team members. The more creative, the better. And don't forget to carry a Sharpie too.

Dental superstars make it memorable

Rock stars know that even though their concerts may be "just another town along the road" to the fans, it is an important evening they may never forget.

So even though our patients may be "just another mouth," dental superstars do all of the little things right so each patient feels like he or she is the most important one in our practice.

Dental superstars give the people what they want

Rock stars know that if they want to play every song from their new album in concert, they also have to play the hits. James Taylor may be sick of playing "Fire and Rain," but you better believe he delivers a beautiful version of it every time he hits the stage.

The real dental superstars know you gotta give the people what they want. Don't make it difficult to become a patient in your practice. Don't have rules and policies that make it tough for patients. Work with them and with their stubborn and stingy insurance companies. Putting up barriers and hoops is the fastest way not to be a dental superstar.

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