Infographic: Professionally active dentists in 2015

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If you are a dentist reading this, chances are you are a general dentist practicing in the state of California. How can we guess this? Because new data from the Kaiser Family Foundation breaks down information about professionally active U.S. dentists in 2015 by specialty and state.

Of the 210,187 dentists in the U.S., an overwhelming 80% are general dentists, according to the report. Orthodontics is the most represented specialty -- but only accounts for about 5% of total dentists.

Of all the states and the District of Columbia, California has the most dentists. With 33,242, it has more than two times the number of dentists of runner-up New York and almost 112 times that of Vermont, the state with the fewest at 297 dentists.

View the infographic below to learn more information about dentistry in 2015.

The data are from the Kaiser Family Foundation, drawn from a special data request for dental data by the ADA in October 2015 from Redi-Data, as well as the latest population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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