The Naked Dentist: Why the Magic Kingdom might disappoint

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The most magical place on earth can also be the most disappointing place on earth.

Curtis Marshall is the vice president of marketing at Dental Intel.Curtis Marshall is the vice president of marketing at Dental Intel.

Last time I went to the happiest place on Earth in Orange County in California, I rode every ride multiple times and I never waited for more than 30 minutes in a line. While most other guests were frustrated, I was having the best time with my three kids.

I am the Naked Dentist. No I'm not a dentist and my clients do not practice dentistry naked. I do work with the best dentists across the country, using data to discover how offices can maintain or achieve success. With an analyst and an analytic tool, I strip off all the clothes, makeup, accessories, etc. of the practice and reveal the actionable metrics that need focused on. Like an x-ray, there is no more guessing or frustration.

Fair playing field

At the park, everyone does the following:

  • Pays the same amount to enter.
  • Has the same amount of time.
  • Can ride on any ride.
  • Faces the same road blocks.

It is the fairest situation that you can be a part of. No one is limited to access within the park. Yet the last time I was there, I rode more rides and was less frustrated than 90% of the guests. I did this with data.

There is an app that other guests and employees use to relay accurate wait times for each ride. With that data, you can request notifications of rides that have a true wait time of 30 minutes or less. Even though this app is easily available, some people aren't using it.

I was able to ride my top three rides multiple times (Buzz Lightyear, Cars, and Splash Mountain), because I had data that told me where to be for the most enjoyable day. When we left the park, we heard other people saying, "It was so crowded today. I wasn't able to ride half of the ones I wanted to."

With actionable data, I was able to have a better experience than others who had the same opportunity, but chose to not use the data available.

Dr. Anaheim

After this experience, I shared it with my friend who practices dentistry in Anaheim, CA. He didn't know about this app either. We laughed and shared stories, then he said something that I will never forget.

“Having this kind of data is almost like cheating.”

"Having this kind of data is almost like cheating."

I told him that everyone could use it, but no matter what I said, he thought it was a form of cheating.

Once he called me a "cheater," I reminded him that he was using me to strip his practice. He uses my analytic tool to show him actionable metrics that need improvements.

"You are cheating too! Not all dentists have this in their practices."

He responded by telling me that they all could use an analytic tool.

Numbers don't lie

As humans we love to blame others if something is wrong or unfair. On the opposite end, if life is going our way or something is good, we take all the credit. Data never lie. Our passions and emotions are not involved when numbers are shown. Two plus two will always equal four.

Wouldn't it be nice to know all the factors when an issue arises within the practice? For example: If your problems looked like 2 + X = 4, life would be simple. Often our issues look like X + X = 4 -- or even worse as X + X = X. Without stripping down your practice to reveal the true data and true problems, life can be frustrating.

Dentistry isn't fair

Unlike the Magic Kingdom, it may not be a level playing field in dentistry. But those that lead their practice by numbers, not emotions, fare better than those who don't. Put the odds in your favor -- monitor the metrics that matter to your success, your practice, your patients. It is that simple.

Let's get naked together.

Curtis Marshall serves as the vice president of marketing at Dental Intel. If you would like your practice to be in the next Naked Dentist column and have your practice undressed, contact him at [email protected] or 801-380-7070.

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