Dos and don'ts for case presentation: A lower close rate may be a good sign

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I've seen it again and again. A new client says she has excellent presentation skills and a great close rate but production remains flat. How can this be? More often than not, the answer is not how treatment is presented but what treatment is presented. If most cases presented are for single-tooth procedures -- for need-based treatment, acceptance will come easily. Present more multitooth and want-based cases and, though your close rate will probably drop, production will soar.


Take a more proactive approach. Rather than merely responding to patient needs, look for ways you might be able to help patients have brighter, healthier smiles. As the dental professional they depend on for care, who better than you to advise them on what modern dentistry can do for them?


Don't assume patients know about all your services. Typically, most patients -- especially those who've been with the practice for years -- have limited knowledge of what treatments are available. Even if you've mentioned services in the past, your patients may have had no interest at the time, or they may have simply forgotten. Remind them of all your services, emphasizing those you think they might want.

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