Do's and don'ts for an impressive office: Revamp your office

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When you invite patients into your practice, it is as if you're inviting them into your home. Your office should be an attractive, modern space that is clean and well-maintained.


Evaluate the office, as if you were a new patient. Is the reception area pleasing? Is the décor bright and contemporary? Is it always clean? How about the bathrooms? Are they spotless every day? The appearance of the office reflects directly on the doctor and the team. If new patients are dissatisfied with the physical surroundings, they may go elsewhere for dental care.


Don't let too much time pass before decluttering your office. Every six months, set aside time when everyone on the practice team, including the doctor, can go through closets, storage rooms, drawers, and cabinets -- getting rid of old supplies, unused equipment, outdated papers, and clutter. This will improve day-to-day efficiency and inventory control -- and reveal ways to reduce overhead.

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