Do's and don'ts for office decor: Create an attractive office

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Believe or not, the image and appearance of your practice influence your level of case acceptance and patient satisfaction. To ensure that your office is attracting patients and not turning them off, look at your office objectively. Check for worn carpeting and outdated furnishings or decor -- and replace everything that detracts from the practice's image as a modern, professional office.


Evaluate the office, as if you were a new patient. Is the reception area pleasing? Is the decor bright and contemporary? Is it always clean? How about the bathrooms? Are they spotless every day? The appearance of the office reflects directly on the doctor and the team. If new patients are dissatisfied with the physical surroundings, they may go elsewhere for dental care.


Don't forget to hold annual spring and fall cleaning events. Closets and storage areas are magnets for discontinued products, outdated supplies, and broken equipment. By going through storage areas semiannually, practices can free up much-needed space, find lost or forgotten items, and help keep the office more organized.

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