Do's and don'ts for the summer: Don't take the summer off

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It's June and we've all got summer on the brain. Despite all the nice weather, your practice is still open for business with patients to treat, fees to collect, insurance claims to submit, and a host of other clinical and administrative activities that go with running a successful dental office. You must maintain your focus as the practice leader and keep your team motivated. Practices that can avoid playing hooky during the summer can avoid decline.


Host a patient appreciation event. Putting together a fun event for your patients is a good way to inspire everyone on the team. It doesn't have to be anything too elaborate. You can hold it at the practice on an afternoon you close early, for example. Provide drinks, healthy snacks, and low-cost prizes, such as gift cards to local restaurants and shops. Work with nearby businesses for additional giveaways. Promote the event via social media, email, and in-practice flyers.


Don't forget to ask for referrals. Summer puts nearly everybody in a good mood. It's an excellent time to let current patients know that your practice is accepting new patients. Offer incentives -- a discount on whitening, a gift card for coffee, etc. -- for making a successful referral. If you don't have a structured program, hold a short meeting and brainstorm ideas with the team. Act on the best suggestions and design your own program within the next month.

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