Do's and don'ts for bad days: Turn a bad day around

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Dentists have bad days sometimes, but they must exercise good self-control at the office, keeping negative feelings to themselves. Otherwise, the experience of everyone at the practice -- patients as well as staff -- will be less pleasant.


When things go wrong, maintain composure. There will be the occasional bad day, difficult patient, wrecked schedule, or sick staff member -- all of which increase stress. In the face of adversity, remain calm. Your fellow team members are counting on you to handle the situation. A calm demeanor allows you to respond appropriately to stressful situations.


Don't ever say anything bad about patients or team members. This is harder than it sounds. Some patients can be very "challenging." Some team members, though perfectly good at their jobs, may have irritating habits. No matter. Even negative remarks that are justified pollute the practice atmosphere and create stress. Keep the negativity to yourself and the whole team will enjoy the day more.

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