Do's and don'ts for professionalism: Always be professional

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Your dental office must always project professionalism through every facet of the practice. You and your staff should maintain a polished appearance, the office should be clean and attractive at all times, and, most important, every interaction with patients must be positive and authoritative. A professional image will impress your patients and help set a positive tone for their experience in your practice.


Project confidence and professionalism. Whatever your role in the practice, your attitude will affect the mood for everyone there, including patients. A dental practice is a relatively small space, so it's important to set aside personal issues and focus on cooperation and patient care.


Don't forget to leave personal problems at home. Patients should never be able to tell that your day didn't start off so well because you got caught in traffic or spilled coffee all over your shirt. Nothing in your behavior should suggest that you're anxiously awaiting a phone call or email. Patients should only see caring, upbeat professionalism from you. Deal with personal issues outside of the office.

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