Do's and don'ts of attitude: Encourage positive attitudes

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Staff attitude is often the fundamental element that determines how patients perceive the practice and whether they remain loyal. An upbeat, energized team will have a far more positive effect on patients. There will always be challenging days, but having a good attitude in the face of adversity impresses patients and inspires your fellow team members.


Motivate staff every day. Whether you realize it or not, staff members take their cues from you. You owe it to them and the practice to motivate the team to do exceptionally well every day. Verbal praise and encouragement help, but perhaps even more important is for you to demonstrate a positive attitude and high energy.


Don't forget to avoid negativity. Positive people inspire others to act in a positive manner. If the doctor or team members have a tendency to be negative, then others may follow that example, which usually leads to more stress. There will always be challenges and problems, but a positive attitude is often the first step to overcoming adversity.

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